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Annie Opal Ford

Good Morning! I have often got onto this site to write about Annie and to let you all know how proud we are to be parents of such a wonderful angel. Annie was diagnosed when she was three months old. When she was born she turned blue but they told us she would be a little slow. (Sorry but I almost have to laugh at that comment we were told by the doctors) Anyway it has been a roller coaster ride - a lot of tears and fears we have been through. Annie is 18 years old YAY!!!! We were told her life would be one year....hmmm Well there again the Dr. were wrong. Annie has surprised a lot of her doctors. As of today 12/15/12 Annie has NOT been in Children's Hospital for almost TWO years!! YAY another milestone. She has been in the hospital so much they know us so well, the hospital is our second home. Anyway Annie is the youngest of five. She has an older brother Max, sister Emily, brother Tucker and sister Sadie. She is loved so much by all of her aunts, uncles & cousins. I can go on all day on how much she is loved and how proud of her we are, but I know ALL of us parents feel the same way. I always tell people I don't want a pity party - I feel that God has blessed our family with one of his angels to care for - and when she is done teaching us - he will call her home. For now we are still learning from her - for Annie not saying one word at all - it is amazing how much she has tought all of us! I AM ONE PROUD MOM - OF ALL MY CHILDREN! I will post a picture of her. Take care. For you new parents who are just getting on the roller coaster, my advise to you is never give up hope and ask a lot of questions and the doctors don't always have the correct answers and hang on tight!

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