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Caroline "Carrie" Gabel

Carrie was diagnosed with AS at age 17. Prior to her diagnosis it was very difficult to manage her health with all the different issues we encountered. When Dr. Wilfong at Texas Children’s in Houston explained to me that she had AS I was finally able to understand and care for her in a more positive and confident way. Then I discovered this wonderful site.
All the families here have been so amazing and I follow the listserve everyday. Now that Carrie is 20 and has different issues such as transitioning into adulthood I still gain so much insight and courage from the real experts.
Carrie is still in High School at Dorothy Carlton Center in Cy-Fair ISD NW of Houston in Cypress TX. She loves school and the bus. After school she goes to Reach Unlimited an adult day program also here in Cypress. Her life plan will include her continuing at Reach after HS.
For now I am so pleased that I can continue to care for her at our home and that is our plan. Carrie has had fairly good seizure control over the past 3 years until September 2010. We continue adjusting meds and the control is better now with the addition of Vimpat. This year has been healthy and even her behaviors have diminished greatly.
She continues to ride horses, play with her dogs, attend sports, being an aunt and spend time with family and ride that bus to school. Her speech has grown so much and it is so encouraging when people speak to her and she responds to them and they understand what her response is like at a restaurant.
I wanted to update her page and I must remember all my other children Joe, Catherine, Stephanie and Christopher for all the love and support they show her.
To all the families and especially the single moms caring for our special girls thank you for giving me the courage and a place to share my joy, my heart, my Carrie.

So I am blessed to know the joy, the fullness of life, the sswelling of pride, the honor of being in the life of this child and now having fantastic families to share it all with. Every step, every breath, every word and every smile everyday are always gathered in as blessings.

Thank you for giving Carrie this space and thank you for the courage you and your wonderful girls show me every day.

Mary ~ Carrie's favored mom in Texas

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