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Nora Feniello

Nora is doing absolutely wonderful! Seizures are still a part of life but we deal with them. I thank god for her growth and for being able to look into her beautiful eyes everyday. I can't wait for her first birthday!!!

June 2011
Nora is doing fabulous! She is now twenty months old and accomplishing so much. She has better head control and can sit by herself for almost five minutes at a time! She still hasn't smiled but I know she has it in her and it will happen sooner than later. Nora has therapy four times a week (PT, OT, ST, FBC) and has all sorts of equipment to assist her in her growth:
• Special Tomato Chair
• Tomato Car Seat
• Squiggle Stander
• Blue Wave Bathing system

Nora's most recent challenge was her feeding. The Barium Swallow test determined she was aspirating all consistencies so it was decided that a Mic-key G-tube was necessary. She had surgery and now gets 100% of her nutrition through the tube. She recovered nicely and is very comfortable. She most enjoys not having to be awake for her medication nor feedings. All in all, Nora is happy and healthy and looking forward to attending school at 3 yrs old.

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